Friday, September 21, 2012

As Seen on Pinterest! Informing vs. Tattling

I created a quickie lesson based on a pin I found on Pinterest. This is a great lesson for students who #1. tattle and #2. misunderstand your "no tattling" rule. When we try to explain to students the difference between tattling and informing, if we don't use a visual aid to help explain, some students may get the wrong the message. When a child goes home and shares with their parent that they are not permitted to "tell the teacher"....well this can cause some problems. To help prevent any misunderstanding I created this lesson!

Step1: Begin by explaining why understanding the difference between tattling and informing is important. 

Step 2: Have the students discuss their personal definition of tattling and how it may be different than informing. 

Step 3: After getting an idea of how students view tattling versus informing, share the definitions on this page. Use this sheet to help students differentiate between tattling and informing. As the students highlight the differences, add them to the chart. Once the chart is complete summarize the importance of informing and how it is different from informing. ( For younger students, you can call on student to add the tab to a pieceof construction paper. For older, more independent students, you can have them create their own chart on a piece of construction paper).

Step 4: For homework have the student complete this sheet with their parent/guardian. The purpose of this home assignments is two-fold. Number 1, it is great for reinforcing the concepts discussed in class. Number 2, it shares with the parent what you discussed in class and helps them to understand the "no tattling" policy in your classroom.

The last thing you can do is create a Turtle Tale Jar. The labels are included in this download. This provides students with the opportunity to share their concerns with you. You can read some of these aloud in class as they add to the jar(and they will add to the jar). You can practice informing versus tattling by having the students identify whether the turtle tale is informing or tattling.

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