Sunday, September 16, 2012

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Goodies and Some Extra FREEBIES!!

This year as the Academic Dean of Students, I am primarily responsible for school climate and behavior management. My principal is a huge advocate for promoting effective school-wide behavior support and has charged me with the responsibility of implementing our school-wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program. This includes a uniformed classroom management program that is implemented in every classroom, school-wide rules and expectations, school-wide incentives and most importantly (mainly because this was our biggest need) an effective lunchroom program that promotes positive behavior during student lunches. Our school-wide rules are simple: 

All of our behavior expectations stem from these very important expectations. Each teacher has this poster along with this poster posted in their classroom.

Other posters that state our expectations are posted in key areas throughout the school:

 Click HERE to download the posters 

In addition to posting the same school-wide expectations, I met with the teachers over the summer to establish a progressive discipline process that should be used in every classroom. The goal of our progressive discipline is to provide a process for students to help manage, redirect, and provide interventions when necessary. This does several things. Most importantly, it provides students with the chance to learn from their mistakes, make better decisions and turn their behavior around. It also serves as data/documentation necessary to support referrals that may be made to get students additional support; it provides documentation for evaluation teams/ RTII (Response to Intervention and Instruction). Finally, it provides a systematic process for teachers to follow so that classroom discipline is fair. It is consistent and makes students well aware of their consequences. Our process is as follows: 

  • Warning
  • Peace Table (with the completion of a Think Sheet)
  • Buddy Teacher 
  • Lunch Detention
  • Call for Support

Teachers are free to implement this process how they see fit; some teachers use a stop light. I have also use it with the "turn your card" strategy. Another teacher implements it using Class Dojo (and she LOVES it).  I provided teacherswith a progressive discipline chart that they could display in their classrooms. This can be used with clothespins, or it can be used as a visual reference:
Download HERE for the template.  This form is editable.

When you download this file, you will also have a template for creating a BRAVO BOARD! I orginally got the idea from this pin:

We have a policy that states that any time a student is removed from class, for any reason, the teacher must make parent/guardian contact. In addition, when a student is referred to the Dean, the following incident form must be completed:

These forms help monitor student infractions and they serve as documentation for student behaviors (very important when meeting with parents).

In addition, it is required that teachers keep both a communication log and behavior log. This is SO IMPORTANT when meeting with parents to discuss a students behavior. This is tangible data that parents appreciate when dealing with their child's behavioral concerns. It helps them to "SEE" what their child is doing and the effects that it may have on their learning and classroom instruction. It takes out the guess work. When teachers can document their interventions and follow-up, they are also able to show that they are working with the child and not against them. 

Did I mention that our school-wide theme is PEACE LOVE and LEARNING? I always had a classroom theme when I taught 4th grade. Once you choose a theme, it helps to keep the program (whether it be classroom or school-wide) consistent! Our students are able to identify what the theme is because it is tied into everything. Our teachers did a really good job bringing it all together in their classrooms as well! One teacher even has a Peace Ambassador for their classroom. As the school year goes on, I will continue to share all of the great things I see and create!

Our lunch program has been going incredibly smooth! I impleemented an incentive program in the lunchrom and we reinforce our Cafe' expectations. Our lunchroom has been converted to a Cafe' (another suggestion that was discussed during our summer meeting). We have bright tablecloths and our art teacher is in the process of designing vases with our upper grades! Once the vases are done, I will share with you how students earn PEACE points during our lunch period and how this impacts our school-wide incentive program. Unfortunately with my  new workload, blogging is put off until the weekends, so hopefully I can keep up with routine postings on the weekends! In the meantime here are some additional FREEBIES you might like!
I initially saw a pin on Pinterest that gave me this idea to create WE statements. I created a chart in my room that use student photos and these statements. I decided not to post what this looks like because I don't want to share images of the students without the proper consent but here is the Pinterest link that inspired this idea:



Next week is our Back to School Night and I am planning a popcorn themed "Thanks for Popping In" night. I will post the materials I use for this next weekend. Have a great week : )